Client Testimonials and Reviews

“The Home Doctor has been “on call” for my family for almost ten years. His advice and guidance has been flawless, every single worker he has sent to fix or install or build something for us has been reliable, trustworthy and excellent at his job – – not just good, not just sufficient, but truly excellent. He has been immediately responsive to us, even at very odd times –even during holidays. He is so responsive, and so easy to reach that I tease him, but the fact is, there is no other contractor like him. Our house was built in 1903, and I don’t think we (or it!!) would still be there if it weren’t for Gary Abrams and his staff.

There’s really nothing he can’t handle, from small repairs (he has a wonderful handyman) to regular maintenance, to really big jobs (like a new laundry room in an unfinished basement). Carpentry, inspection, maintenance, design–he even helped us put in a new vegetable garden.

You would think that someone like Gary might be dry and terse, but Gary Abrams is not only incredibly good at his job, he is also one of the nicest people you will ever meet – -kind, warm, great sense of humor.

– Nina Girvetz
Santa Monica, CA

We have engaged the House Doctor’s services for a number of years for plumbing, electrical, painting, and emergency repairs. Gary has always been quick to respond, thorough, excellent follow through and always checks to see if we were satisfied. Any questions, and he has taken care of our concerns immediately. He
listens and makes good suggestions to solve any issues we may have. The craftsmen that Gary has sent to do the work have always been of high caliber. They were responsive to our needs, on time, neat and, most importantly, have done high quality work. We will continue to use the House Doctor and have recommended
him to many of our friends.

– Dan & Cindy Chernow
Woodland Hills, CA

“I am happy to recommend Gary Abrams “The Home Doctor” for any and all home repairs and remodeling. I have found him to be impeccably fair, honest, and ethical in the 5 years he has taken care of my homes. Together we have babyproofed, painted, re-tiled, fixed plumbing, done landscaping, repaired electrical wiring, installed home sound equipment and televisions, installed wood flooring, dealt with termites and pests, Heating, A/C, and appliance repair.

We have had projects together that cost only a few dollars, all the way up to projects over $35,000. In all dealings I have found him to get me the best prices from the subcontractors and he has long relationships with the subs so they are always people I feel comfortable having in my home. Prior to meeting Gary, I’ve had bad experiences with people in the yellow pages or workers recommended by friends, but I’ve always been impressed by the care and concern Gary has for each project and feel very comfortable recommending him to you for any project.

I don’t put my name and email address online for obvious (spam!) reasons but feel free to contact Gary and ask for personal references and I am happy to talk to you about his work.”


– Nicole R.
Santa Monica

“As a real estate consultant I get asked “Do you have a good referral for home repair work?” at least twice a week. There is ONLY 1 person I refer: Gary Abrams, The Home Doctor. Gary is a licensed contractor who specializes in home repairs. He is an expert, a consummate professional, he guarantees his work, and all his referrals are top notch in their respective field. I use Gary for ALL my personal home repair needs and he’s the ONLY name I refer to my clients.”

– Nanette S. Iggulden,
Keller Williams Realty
Malibu | Palisades

For the past 7 years the Home Doctor has been my go to company for all my home repairs. From plumbing, electrical, an outdoor sprinkler system, replacing a water heater to rebuilding a shower from the ground up, the Home Doctor can do it all. What I appreciate most about Gary is that he really listens to your needs. He always has a subcontractor that is right for the job and they are quick to come out and see you. His people are excellent, professional and proficient. There will be a follow up call from Gary making sure that everything was accomplished to your complete satisfaction. I recommend the Home Doctor with the utmost confidence knowing that you will be happy you gave Gary a call.

– Michele A.
Pacific Palisades

“Gary, I just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the quality of the remodeling work that has been done by everyone on your team, especially you in putting my projects together and getting the best tradespeople out here. You have done a great job. Its been a very pleasant experience for me and that is why I am so glad that I have you to steer the ship”

– Karen R.
Calabasas, CA

“I’d seen Gary Abrams’ byline associated with the column he writes for the LA Times that provides tips for problems homeowners seem to universally face being…well, homeowners. Gary is also the owner of “The Home Doctor.” We discovered his services about five years ago shortly after we moved into our Brentwood townhouse. I don’t remember now what “ailment” needed attending to, but Gary dispatched one of his crew
of licensed subcontractors to fix it. The same day we made the call, the problem was fixed.

As you might imagine from your own experiences when things go wrong around the house and you need help from someone qualified to fix it, and he is responsive and reliable, we were in a modest state of disbelief that all it took was one phone call and cost less than we thought to fix the problem. About four or five months later, one of the kitchen’s under cabinet lighting fixtures failed. We called Gary before noon and the fixture was replaced, again, on the same day. Since then, when something needs fixing, we don’t hesitate
calling The Home Doctor.

Just recently our water heater began leaking at around 9:00 PM. We called Gary and, even that late, he answered his phone, walked me through a temporary fix. And half day later, his guys had replaced the unit.

It seems there is something around this large townhouse that needs attention twice a year or so; sometimes big as in the water heater and sometimes due to “operator error.“ We call Gary when it does. Everyone of his guys is polite, on time, explains the problem and what he’ll do to fix it. If, as a result of the required work, there are bad parts and a necessary bit of debris where the work was performed, etc., the “fixer” takes away the bad parts (i.e., doesn’t leave them for us to dispose of or toss them in our
trash) and cleans up the mess.

We are sold on Gary and his crew. We only need one number to call for anything that needs fixing, his prices are fair (or even overly fair) and we can always reach him for him to decide who of his crew is nearest to us and has the right skill set to fix what’s broken.

The Home Doctor has our complete trust and confidence and we recommend that, next time something is busted — anything — you give Gary a call.”

– Jerry I.,
Brentwood, CA


You have my deepest appreciation for taking up my cause with Home Depot. Thank you
for going the extra mile. I have not had much experience with contractors but I know you are very special in this regard. You and your guys are a class act.

– Sharon B.
Thousand Oaks

“Gary has been of incredible help to me as a homeowner since 1994. I have found him to be extremely trustworthy, honest and reliable. Gary has handled a multitude of projects at my home over the years, either himself or thru his very reliable sub-contractors. Among other tasks, they have installed lighting, replaced the furnace, sprinkler controller, air conditioning unit, garbage disposal, water heater & garage door, and created a cement front porch. I have never had to have anything re-done, their work has always been
top-notch. I would highly recommend Gary to anyone needing home repairs, maintenance or upgrading.”

– Juli H.
Thousand Oaks, CA

“My husband and I have been so impressed with The Home Doctor and his incredibly skilled tradesmen. We have needed help with lots of projects, big and small over the years.

The Home Doctor is always here within a couple of days, works efficiently so we aren’t wasting money and does a fabulous job with any and all projects that we need help with.”

Thanks so much!

– Jill P.
Pacific Palisades

“Gary is an incredibly knowledgeable inspector. We originally hired him to inspect our first house, then later hired him an additional two times for additional work. We were extremely pleased with Gary as he gave us best case and worst case scenario during our inspection and everything he flagged as “bad” actually happened. I will be calling Gary the next time I need someone I can trust to inspect my next home.”

– Gary C.
Los Angeles, CA

“Gary, Your men did a terrific job on our deck and stucco repairs. All of your tradespeople have done great work for what I think is a very reasonable price. I intend to recommend you whenever possible. Our house is truly shaping up to become the stand out house on the block.”

– John B.,
West Los Angeles, CA

“Gary Abrams, The Home Doctor, has been a reliable, friendly, and fair resource for our home repair needs. We call him for everything from plumbing to air conditioning. Not only does he respond quickly, all his subcontractors have been very qualified and personable yet professional, traits I have not always seen in the home repair service. I cannot tell you how important it has been to our peace of mind to be able to deal with
Gary who genuinely cares about his clients and treats them with respect and friendliness, while getting the job done!”

– Brian G.
West Los Angeles

We have used The Home Doctor numerous times. We have always received quality work at a fair price. Gary Abrams is on top of the job at all times and the people he employs are always respectful, do great work and always clean up leaving no mess behind. We highly recommend The Home Doctor.

– Jacqueline and Norm M.,
Agoura Hills, CA