These items need to be addressed at least once yearly in all CA residences to help prevent untimely and expensive breakdowns:


1) Check under all sinks for signs of leakage from supply and drain lines.

2) Vacuum dust/lint from refrigerator condenser coils to save energy and help protect condenser from

3) Replace drinking water and ice maker filters on an annual basis.

Whole House:

4) Check all smoke alarms and replace batteries annually.

5) Replace carbon monoxide alarm battery (or install CO alarm if none exists).

6) Replace AC/ furnace filters.

7) Check all plumbing fixtures for drips.

Laundry Room:

8) Check dryer vent for lint accumulation.

9) Check washing machine hoses. Upgrade to stainless steel jacketed if not already done to help
prevent rupture & flooding.


10) Inspect/caulk tubs & showers needed to prevent leakage into the walls

11) Check all toilets for signs of leakage into the bowl or at floor level.


12) Inspect and clean all rain gutters as needed.

13) Check for exterior cracks around walls, doors, windows, etc that may allow water penetration.

14) Inspect for proper weather stripping of doors/windows.

15) Check roof for cracks or openings that need spot maintenance.

16) Inspect/repair foundation & attic vent screens to keep animals.


17) Tighten hardware and lubricate moving parts on garage door & opener.

Water Heater:

18) Flush water heater to help reduce sediment buildup and extend tank life.

19) If you own a tankless water heater, the coils need to be cleaned and descaled once yearly.
(requires professional service).